Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow Review $357.28

Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow Review

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Barnett Quad 400 – Includes 3 – 22-Inch Arrows and Red Dot Scope

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The Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow  is the all new, updated version of Barnett’s previous model. This latest version has added and improved on a number of features such as its high density gas assist composite stock, which is the first of its kind in the industry.

The new stock is lightweight and more comfortable than the previous version. Additionally, it contains an integrated cocking device attachment, which is placed behind the cheek piece for both concealment and comfort.

This Barnett Crossbow comes with a number of optional accessories and can be bought as either a complete crossbow package or a more basic, but more affordable, crossbow kit, making it one of the more versatile crossbows out there.

High Tech Hunting Crossbow

While the high tech stock may be the only industry first featured in the Quad 400, it comes with a number of other features and selling points that make it worth a look. Costing between $250 and $350, depending on the package, this crossbow is cheaper than many comparable models currently on the market.

With its 150-pound draw weight, an energy rating of 112 feet per pound, a 15.5 inch power stroke and a velocity of 345 feet per second, the Quad 400 crossbow has the power needed to take down even the largest North American game.

At 9 pounds, it is not the lightest crossbow available, nor is it the smallest, at 37 inches in length and 26.75 inches in width. That said, what it lacks in easy portability, it makes up for in strength and its added weight and size is slight enough that it should not get in the way for those used to carrying a crossbow.

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Features of the Barnett Quad Crossbow

  • Camouflage finish provides a sleek look and helps conceal that flash of metal that could give you away in the underbrush
  • GAM composite stock is light, and has an integrated cocking device
  • Quad limb design and 4-pound trigger pull offer extra strength and speed
  • CNC cam and machined scope mount help you achieve the greatest accuracy

With its camo design and incredible power, the Barnett Quad is an ideal hunting crossbow, designed to take down prey. Due to its size and weight, it may be better suited to experienced bow hunters than beginners who are still grappling with a bow’s basic functions.

That said, there are heavier crossbows out there and while it may not be the best bow to learn on, it is not the worst either. So long as the shooter is sufficiently strong, it should not be a problem.Barnett Quad 400

Pros of the Barnett Quad Crossbow

  • incredibly powerful and fast
  • extremely accurate
  • sleek design with camouflage pattern, parallel limb build and thumbhole grip
  • relatively affordable for the number of features
  • many additional optional features to choose from

Cons of the Barnett Quad Crossbow

  • A little bit on the bulky side
  • Some people have reported problems with the limbs cracking and the cables wearing down after only a few shots, but these problems are relatively rare and most retailers will replace a defective product

Quad 400 Accessories

The Quad 400 offers two package options to choose from. The basic crossbow kit comes with the bow itself, a quick detach quiver and three 22 inch arrows. The complete crossbow package comes with the bow, quick detach quiver, four 22 inch arrows and the choice of either the Premium Red Dot Scope or 4×32 Multi Reticle Scope.

If neither of the packages includes enough features, Barnett offers a number of optional accessories. The Premium Red and Green Dot Scope uses varying light intensity to provide added accuracy and ease of shooting.

The Quad Crank Cocking Device can be fully integrated into the stock, or, for added ease of cocking, the Universal Rope Cocking Device reduces the draw weight by 50 % and can also be purchased separately.

Barnet Quad Crossbow Comparison

Compared to the Horton Summit Crossbow, which goes for a similar price, it is easy to see the number of features that Barnett has packed into the Quad 400. The Summit is a very basic bow, with a lesser velocity of 260 feet per second, compared the Barnett’s 345 feet per second.

The Summit, however, is also a much lighter bow, and its basic features and small size lend it to the beginner bow hunter. The Barnett Quad Crossbow, on the other hand, is the better choice for the experienced hunter.

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