Horton Summit HD 150 Crossbow Review $310.00

Horton Summit HD 150 Crossbow Review

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Horton Summit HD 150 Crossbow with Red Dot Sight

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The Horton Summit Crossbow HD 150 is a powerful, lightweight crossbow with an attractive camouflage accent, made by Realtree. While a fairly basic model, the Summit HD 150 offers enough features to please the sport hunter, while remaining an affordable option for those looking for a cost-effective, no-frills hunting crossbow.

Besides the price, which runs at less than $300, this model has a number of benefits well-suited to crossbow hunters. Weighing only 4-7 pounds, depending on the add-ons, the Summit HD 150 offers 150 pounds in draw weight, packing a big punch for such a lightweight bow. At 31 inches in length and 26 inches in width, it is a solid bow that is still compact enough to carry with ease through dense brush and undergrowth.

At a velocity of up to 260 feet per second, the arrows should have no problem reaching their target before it disappears. In fact, speed is main feature of the Horton Summit, with its patented energy wheels designed for easy cocking and optimal speed. Additionally, accents of Realtree’s Hardwood HD camouflage make this crossbow blend into forest scenery and offer a beautifully finished appearance.

The Horton Summit Crossbow HD 150 Features:Horton Summit HD 150

  • 150 lb draw weight
  • 6.5 lb mass weight
  • 31 inch length
  • 26 inch width
  • 10 1/4 inch power stroke
  • 20 inch arrow length
  • 260 feet per second velocity
  • Lightweight, earth tone stock
  • Realtree Hardwoods HD camouflage accents
  • Widebody Tough Boy limbs
  • Horton’s exclusive Dial-A-Range, specially equipped for use with Peep and Pin or Single Dot Sights
    machined aluminum energy wheels for easy cocking and speed

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With its light weight, high power and camouflage design, the Summit HD 150 is clearly designed a crossbow for hunting. It packs enough power to take down any and all North American game, be it deer, elk, moose or bear. Its basic design may be best-suited to those who are new to the sport and have no need of elaborate crossbows with specialized features.

That said, its low price is an attractive feature for any crossbow hunter, and those more experienced will still find that it offers at least the minimum required for a successful hunting excursion. In fact, expert hunters may prefer the basic design, as it gives them the opportunity to fine tune their marksmanship without the aid of extra features.

The Pros of the Horton Summit HD 150:

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Strong body made for endurance
  • Powerful enough to bring down game
  • Affordable price, hundreds of dollars cheaper than comparable models
  • Realtree camouflage, specially designed for forest hunting, will help disguise the bow and keep you out of sight
    easy, fast cocking mechanism

The Cons of the Horton Summit HD 150:

  • no frills design, without many extras or special features

This Package Includes…

The Horton Summit Crossbow comes in two packages to choose from: the Sight Package and the Value Package. The Sight Package is for those who want to get the most out of their crossbow. It includes the Summit HD 150 crossbow itself, the Talon custom trigger, the 25mm Single Red Dot SS064 sight, the Hunter Elite Light three arrow quiver and three practice arrows with practice points. The Value Package comes with the bow, the Peep and Fiber Optic Pin sight, the Hunter Elite Light three arrow quiver and three practice arrows with practice points.

Because the crossbow is designed to work with either sight, it is possible to start out with the Value Package and upgrade later to the Single Red Dot sight. Additionally, Horton offers a number of other optional accessories to choose from, including a selection of four different arrows, multi-range and variable power scopes, cocking devices, noise and vibration control, tune-ups designed to increase accuracy, as well as a range of cases, slings, strings, and maintenance products.

Horton Summit Comparison

When compared to other, more elaborate Horton bows, such as the Horton Vision 175 Crossbow, the Summit HD 150 comes out looking rather plain. The compact design and numerous features of the Vision 175 are well-suited to the serious hunter. At over $800, however, the more elaborate bow is a serious investment, and many of the features may be left unused by the amateur hunter.

The Horton Summit Crossbow offers an affordable alternative with features that can be used and understood by someone who is just starting out as well as by those who are more experienced.

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